I Know you are literally “onto the next one”, but I am just coming up for air and wanted to thank you for making Maureen and Lee’s wedding incredible. You and your team are just amazing. There wasn’t one detail that you had not anticipated. Any request we made great and small down to the last minute you met with grace and consideration. It was such a feeling of comfort and relief to know you would be at smoke tree and Our Lady Of Solitude making sure everything went on as it should. I can’t imagine we could ever top this one! It was a perfect wedding weekend in every way. All of us just love working with you. I had a sneak peek of some of the photos from the O’Donnell house. Simply stunning. This is one for the books! How about those dancers at the after party? That was a great call. So much better than a DJ! Thank goodness we have a few more years between weddings. Please put your thinking cap on and be ready for us about 3 to 4 years from now. I have been trying to cook up ideas for a party of some kind between now and then just so we could work together. In the meantime if you ever need to talk to someone at 5 AM, feel free to call.?warmly, Denise (MOB)