We did it!!  Thank you for your attention and care over the past 7 months!

I could not have pulled off “the best wedding ever” if it wasn’t for you and the support of the Event Department.

You really are an expert–and I appreciated that part of the process more than you know!

I can be very strong headed- and expect thing to be done my way only!  But with you, I actually let go and truly trusted that I was in the hands of an experienced wedding planner.

I didn’t anticipate being such a cool, calm bride.  It was a lot to plan in a short period of time.  But I was!!! I was relaxed, and confident and EXCITED for my big day!  I wasn’t nervous and stressed- and I owe a big part of that you YOU!!

The professionalism and advice in handling and hiring my vendors was priceless- especially given the challenging- but Oh so VERY worth it venue!

The execution on the day of was SUPERB!  Every single guest was happy- every single guest was enjoying themselves and every single guest had a night to remember!  Thank you!

I knew we were going to have an awesome night- but this wedding was literally beyond what I could dream of!!!  We are forever grateful!!!