Hello Laurie,
I want you to know about all the praise and the glowing “thank you’s” I’m receiving after our fabulous party last Saturday night. Everyone is still so happy as they recount all the elements of the evening. They’ve even commented on the flowers attached to the golf carts. Your golf cart drivers also received compliments because they were so polite and careful.
Lisa was amazing!
She had everything running so smoothly. She is such a considerate and thoughtful manager. She seemed to be everywhere and always smiling and positive. I was able to enjoy every moment because of her professionalism.
When the cloudburst happened, Lisa, Kelli and the staff quickly protected the dance floor and band equipment.
The vendors you recommended were each so professional and wonderful. Randy is a real jewel and everyone complimented the food.
My husband loved the party! We and our guests had the very best time. Even our band, The Dreamboats, said it was the best private party in the most beautiful setting they had ever done. They described the view from their “green room” as being close to Heaven.
Thank you, Laurie for your great advice and support during all the planning. Because of you and your staff, we will never forget our beautiful night at the O’Donnell House.
Cee Cee