Thank you so much for all you have done for us over these last almost TWO years! I feel so lucky that we were able to get married at The O’Donnell House and have you as our coordinator! You are the best and we cannot thank you enough!

Love, Matt + Sam

Sam & Matt – June 2021


Thank you thank you. We cant begin to express how wonderful it was to work with you. You made everything come together. The wedding was special because of you.


Jessica & Von – May 2021

Lisa- We can’t thank you enough for making the best day of our lives so magical. We appreciate all that you did for us! Please stay in touch! XO, Erika & Martin

Erika & Martin – April 2021

Hi Peggy,

We just wanted to thank you again for smoothly and skillfully engineering (against all weather odds moment by moment) the most perfect wedding ceremony and reception that we could have imagined. We were truly blessed to have selected the perfect venue and chosen the perfect event planner for the job. We could not have imagined the warm and loving feeling that everyone felt the second the wedding party took our first steps toward the alter/stage… it was meant to be.

You are so appreciated! Thought you’d enjoy a few photos of the blessed event!!
Take care!

Laura & Todd

Laura & Todd – November 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Jess and I just wanted to send a huge thank you for setting up the different vendors this past weekend. We are blown away by how easy things were this weekend and how seamless it felt. Everyone seemed to really take the time to walk us through their process and role to make sure we could see what their end “product” would look like and the fit for the overall wedding. We were blown away by Samantha’s cakes and frosting flavors as well as Randy’s options for appetizers and entrees! We felt like we could have sat and chatted with Chris about music and bantered back and forth for hours over coffee. Mary was so patient in sitting with us and extremely helpful in putting together floral ideas from our very raw (lack of) ideas. Finally, Lisa was so helpfully in tying it all together to begin to understand the vision of how all the roles come together, from vendor logistics, setup, and break down, to create a wedding. At each step, it really felt like everyone we met with empowered us to make choices that we representative of us and have a wedding that reflected us and we felt like each vendor really took the time to sit with us. We know we still have a ways to go until Oct. 3 but we wanted to share our gratitude.

Thank you!
Peter & Jess

Peter & Jess

Laurie! I am so blown away by the weekend. I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful it was and I just had to tell you that you are an absolute gem of a woman! You really made it happen for us and you do it with such grace and style! You are so positive and always smiling and ready to help at any moment. I just can’t thank you enough for everything that you did! It was a perfect weekend!!!

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Susan (MOB)

Dani & Jonathon – November 2019

Now that Kurt and I are back in LA, I wanted to thank you for all your help with the wedding. It has been such a treat working with you and I love how you helped make things happen like our surprise beer pouring ceremony for Kurt and his family. I even heard you drove over some of the alcohol at 12 am to the Ace. You really went above and beyond and it was such a relief to not have to worry about the logistics and actually get to enjoy the party (which we definitely did). And I know we had a lot with all the little details and DIY items we brought in.
Wedding planning has been a crazy journey – filled with lots of research, anxiety, emotions, second-guessing and over-analyzing and I feel like you were my Sherpa guiding me along and assuring all my concerns and crazy questions about all the little details. It really paid off. Obviously I am biased, but I don’t think I would have changed a single thing from the day (other than that I wish it would never have ended). All of our guests were just blown away and many said it was the best wedding they had ever attended.
Thank you and the Events Department for helping making this such a memorable moment in our lives.


Brittany & Kurt – October 2019

Hello Laurie,
I want you to know about all the praise and the glowing “thank you’s” I’m receiving after our fabulous party last Saturday night. Everyone is still so happy as they recount all the elements of the evening. They’ve even commented on the flowers attached to the golf carts. Your golf cart drivers also received compliments because they were so polite and careful.
Lisa was amazing!
She had everything running so smoothly. She is such a considerate and thoughtful manager. She seemed to be everywhere and always smiling and positive. I was able to enjoy every moment because of her professionalism.
When the cloudburst happened, Lisa, Kelli and the staff quickly protected the dance floor and band equipment.
The vendors you recommended were each so professional and wonderful. Randy is a real jewel and everyone complimented the food.
My husband loved the party! We and our guests had the very best time. Even our band, The Dreamboats, said it was the best private party in the most beautiful setting they had ever done. They described the view from their “green room” as being close to Heaven.
Thank you, Laurie for your great advice and support during all the planning. Because of you and your staff, we will never forget our beautiful night at the O’Donnell House.
Cee Cee

Cee Cee – May 2019

Hi Lisa,

I wanted to share this link with you of our wedding video so you could see how wonderful you and your staff did. We are so thankful for everything you did to help make our day so special.

Click here to view wedding video

-Lauren & Andrew

Lauren & Andrew – March 2019


Lauren and I are so grateful for everything you have done to make this day all we had hoped it would be. Thank you for your guidance and support through all of it! This is a dream come true and we will never forget a moment. We love you!

-Derrick & Lauren

Derrick & Lauren – March 2019

Thank you for everything! We cannot express how absolutely thrilled we were with every detail of our wedding and the very professional performance of all staff and vendors for the event. We had not a worry in the world on our special day and Lisa and her team ensured that every single thing was taken care of including adjusting the schedule and giving me some of her cashews when I was having a hypoglycemic episode.
The venue was just gorgeous and every vendor included and recommended performed above and beyond – from the caterer and desserts to the florist and photographers, all were superb and we continue to receive compliments from all our guests about what a fantastic event it was.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We had the best time and are so happy! We will be very happy to recommend the Events Department.
All the best,
Colleen & Jim

Colleen & Jim – March 2019


There aren’t enough words to express how grateful we are to you- you helped us plan the most perfect wedding we could’ve ever imagined. You were amazing from start to finish and everything was flawless. You truly helped bring our vision to life and created the perfect weekend for us to share with our family and friends. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we love you!!! You’re the absolute best and we are so lucky we met you!

Lots of love,

Danielle & Mikey

Danielle & Mikey- February 2019

Lisa, thank you. Saturday was absolutely perfect. We had the best time and couldn’t have pulled it off without you. Our sincerest gratitude to you and the events dept team. So much love, so much fun!! – Katharine

You really made the day (and those leading up to it) go seamlessly. Can’t thank you enough! -Jack

Katharine & Jack- March 2019

Lisa that was an incredible experience. Thank you so much for all your help and sage planning wisdom.


Sara- March 2019

Dear Laurie,

I’d hoped to have a photo to send along with this note…but they haven’t quite arrived and I cant wait any longer to send a note in. You are just divine! You truly made the wedding feel so easy, so calm…and so very perfect. I am still just shaking my head. The whole weekend was truly a dream come true. Thank you so very much for all your hard work, your -I’m sure- sore feet, your lack of sleep, it was all so fun. You really were amazing!

When all the planning began I had no appreciation for the vast difference between “dreaming” of the perfect wedding and actually living that dream. There were so many details, so many pieces to the puzzle, so many “if’s”…and you made it all happen. We are all still floating in wedding clouds. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With a big hug,



Michelle- MOB- January 2019


Thank you so much for making everything go so smoothly and for all the endless emails. We obviously could not have done it without you!

God Bless,

-Jane MOB

Jane – February 2019


Where do I even begin?!?! THANK YOU!! You are honestly the best coordinator EVER and we feel so lucky to have gotten to work with you on our wedding. Our wedding was a literal dream come true. It was a million times better than we ever could’ve dreamed. It was so much fun, so love-filled and just so beautiful. Thank you for all your guidance, support, and help. Thank you for being so on top of everything and so competent and for making us feel completely secure that you were handling everything! Even the small hiccups were nothing because you worked it all out.

Anyway – I could go on, but really we’re just so grateful. It was obviously the best weekend of our lives, but so many of our guests had the best weekend of their lives, which is really saying something.

I just left you a review on the knot, let me know if there’s another site that you’d like a review on!! Happy to do whatever! Also – if we were to send you a little thank you where would we send that to?

Thank you again – you’re THE BEST!! xoxox

Danielle & Mikey – February 2019

Posted on The Knot:

Laurie Lund & her team at The Events Department were the best coordinating team we could’ve ever asked for. We got married at Smoke Tree Ranch and they required that we hire Laurie and thank God they did!! From the very beginning, Laurie was a dream coordinator to work with. She was on top of EVERYTHING, answered all of my questions, gave me advice when I needed it and was well prepared for everything. We never had a single worry throughout the whole process because Laurie was always on top of everything. She even saved the day when my husband had a last minute shirt malfunction as he was getting ready for our first look! She also was so helpful and supportive when we had a last minute weather scare, luckily everything went our way weather wise but Laurie was prepared either way!! Laurie’s also just the nicest person ever. She’s so calm, easy to work with and so knowledgable about everything wedding related. She never made me feel crazy or bad for emailing her a bunch of times in a day or coming to her with a million questions. She also made sure to help us keep our budget on track. I’m not kidding when I say that now that it’s all over I miss my daily emails with Laurie! Laurie, we love you, thank you for bringing our dream wedding to life and keeping us sane and keeping everything running smoothly! You’re THE BEST!



Danielle & Mikey – February 2019


We’re still in awe at how amazing our wedding weekend was. We can’t thank you enough for being there with us through the journey from our engagement to marriage. There were definitely some stressful encounters along the way, but you gave us so much support and confidence that the day would run seamlessly, and it did.
I really hope we stay in touch, it was so great getting to know you and I already miss our conversations! Let us know if you are ever in the Bay Area and we’ll let you know when we’re down in PS. Maybe we will set up an appointment to tour the ODH as a newly engaged couple so we can hang out with you again ?. Just kidding!! Anyways, all the best. Miss you!

Rachel & Steve – October 2018


You are the wedding planning angel/goddess extraordinaire! How lucky are we to have found you?! I honestly do not think we would have been able to pull of many of our plans so seamlessly without your help, your love, and your care. I mean that.

We are blessed to have worked with you on our wedding. To be 100% honest, you made planning fun & you allowed me to live out my bridal dreams with enthusiasm! Thank you for that.

When I first met you, I was drawn to your energy. And after several months of working together, I am still amazed at your level of dedication +  PASSION for making magical things happen. Laurie, I mean it when I say that I hope this isn’t the last time we see each other. You are so special + we love you very much!

Cassey + Sam

Click here to view article

Cassey & Sam – October 2018

Laurie (and your staff!),

I know this card is very delayed but we really want you to know how thankful we are for everything you did to make our wedding day so special. You were great to work with and made our lives very easy. We also thought this card was very appropriate to remind you of the world’s biggest donut board! Thank you again, and we hope to see you at STR when we come back every year for our anniversary!


Casey & Cody

Casey & Cody – January 2018

Hi Lisa,

You were AMAZING!!!  I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding if I had planned it myself, which I did not.  Without you, none of this could have happened with such a level of efficiency, kindness, and grace.  Thank you a million times over.  The kids are in snow in Banff enjoying their honeymoon so you might not hear from Mel for a week or so, but I know she felt the same way.  The wedding she had always dreamed of came true!
I will happily stay in touch.  You guys are the best.

Kitty (MOB) – May 2018

Dear Lisa,

I had intended to write you a “real” thank you note after the wedding but with seeing guests and family off, assembling and dispersing all of the wedding paraphernalia, etc. time got away from me. So I’m back to email, our favored form of communication in the last year.

The testimonial was not difficult to write because, really, I could not say enough good things. The girls were deliriously happy with their wedding—as were Winston and I and Lucy’s parents, the Clarks. Virtually all of our family and friends—from England, east coast, mid-west, even southern California—were wowed by the O’Donnell House. And you: you are truly the best—organized, efficient, responsive, good humored, and SUCH a hard worker. All qualities that are so rare in combination. I enjoyed working with you so much and already miss you.

I wish you all the best.

Debbie (MOB)

Debbie – April 2018

Dear Lisa,

April 28 was a glorious night at the O’Donnell House! Thank you and your staff for what we—and all of our guests—feel was “the best wedding ever!” The O’Donnell House is an extraordinary venue: a lovely historical house, gorgeous landscaping, and breathtaking views. It is a magical setting. We looked at many potential sites but there is simply nothing like the O’Donnell House. Just as important, you and your staff organized a perfect evening. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your help, patience, and hard work. Before the wedding, you kept us and our vendors on track and responded to every question immediately and with good humor. One would have thought that this was the only wedding your were organizing. On the wedding day, you and your staff were benevolent whirlwinds getting everything ready, while making sure that the brides and wedding party remained relaxed and happy. The evening of the wedding you were virtually invisible but, at the same time, you were everywhere: signaling the band and the waiters, giving the cues for toasts—in, general, making sure that everything was perfect. We will never forget our amazing wedding at the O’Donnell House.

Lucy and Jane

Lucy & Jane – April 2018

Dear Lisa and everyone at The Events Department,

We cannot thank you enough for all of your incredible skill and expertise in making our wedding the best day ever! The day was phenomenal thanks to your amazing talent, and the venue was gorgeous – everyone is still raving about it all! You all are wonderful at what you do and we are so very grateful!

Love, -Britta & Chris

Britta & Chris – March 2018

Dear Lisa,

Thank your for all your detailed attention and help through this whole process. You made everything so easy. Thank you for being a part of our day and bringing it to life!

<3 Sharon & Daniel

Sharon & Daniel – April 2018


I Know you are literally “onto the next one”, but I am just coming up for air and wanted to thank you for making Maureen and Lee’s wedding incredible. You and your team are just amazing. There wasn’t one detail that you had not anticipated. Any request we made great and small down to the last minute you met with grace and consideration. It was such a feeling of comfort and relief to know you would be at smoke tree and Our Lady Of Solitude making sure everything went on as it should. I can’t imagine we could ever top this one! It was a perfect wedding weekend in every way. All of us just love working with you. I had a sneak peek of some of the photos from the O’Donnell house. Simply stunning. This is one for the books! How about those dancers at the after party? That was a great call. So much better than a DJ! Thank goodness we have a few more years between weddings. Please put your thinking cap on and be ready for us about 3 to 4 years from now. I have been trying to cook up ideas for a party of some kind between now and then just so we could work together. In the meantime if you ever need to talk to someone at 5 AM, feel free to call.?warmly, Denise (MOB)

Maureen & Lee – April 2018

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for making the best day of our life so amazing and run so smoothly! We are so grateful for your talent and friendship and will no doubt treasure the memories for years to come! Many thanks again- we appreciate you so much! <3


Britta and Chris

Britta & Chris – March 2018

Oh my gosh Lisa, thank you so so much for everything. We couldn’t have done it without you and it was absolutely perfect, rain and all. Thank you again!

Laura & Aaron – March 2018

Lisa! You put on a spectacular wedding for us <3 working with you was so wonderful. We must stay in touch! Thank you for all you did! You’re the absolute best.

Laura & Joel – February 2018

Lisa & Laurie are absolutely fantastic! We had our wedding at the ODonnell House in Palm Springs on 3/17 and are still beaming from our perfect day. Lisa was always available to email, text or talk on the phone whenever I had questions or concerns. She was our rock through this whole process! Our day couldn’t have been more dreamy, she handled every detail to make sure our wedding was sheer perfection. I’ve cried a few times because its over! The Events Department will take care of you to the fullest. I cannot thank them (and especially Lisa and her assistant Bridgette) for their incredible service and passion. I will miss working with Lisa daily. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts <3

MacKenzie & Matt – March 2018

Lisa- we cannot thank you enough for helping make our perfect day a reality! Everything was more beautiful than we ever could have imagined, and you and your team made it all so streamlined and easy, a huge success! Thank you!!!
Molly & Nick ?

Molly & Nick – February 2018

We worked with The Events Department for our wedding at Smoke Tree Ranch and we could not be more thrilled with the experience. We were lucky enough to work with Laurie through the entire process, starting 8 months before our wedding. From start to finish, Laurie went above and beyond to answer every question and put our minds at ease. Laurie and her team know the Palm Springs area so well and were able to help us out with recommendations for everything from donuts to a last minute tailor. The weekend of the wedding was a dream. Laurie and her team were organized, professional and a calming presence. Many of our guests even commented that it was one of the most seamless and enjoyable weddings they’ve attended. If you’re getting married in Palm Springs, work with The Events Department!

Click here for wedding video

Rebecca & Josh – December 2017

Hi Laurie,

We just wanted to send a little something to say THANK YOU for being you! Our wedding weekend was the BEST EVER & that is in huge part due to you & your team! We are so thankful that we got to work with you! All of our friends + family haven’t stopped talking about how amazing, organized & smooth the event was & we couldn’t agree more! You made everything so easy & stress free for us & we cant thank you enough! We cant wait to share the photos when we get them back! Thank you a MILLION times over!


Kimi & Garrett

Kimi & Garrett – December 2017

Hi Lisa! I just wanted to say hi and thank you one more time for making my day run soooo smoothly! It was the perfect day thanks to you and your amazing team! I loved working with you and you really made me feel so special and comfortable through the whole process! Hope you enjoyed your holidays and happy new year!


Karli & Allen – December 2017


Thank you SO much for all your help making our day so special. We truly appreciate all the work you put in for us.

Thank you SO much!!

xo Selena & Pete

Selena & Peter – January 2018


Thank you so much for all your work for Katie & Bryan’s wedding weekend. I cannot believe all the hard work and the amount of time that you put in. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled with everything. You exceeded all expectations! The attention to detail, the constant communication and your very calm disposition made it all so very easy for me. Thank you for making so many memories for our family. We appreciate you and are very thankful we found you!

All my very best,

Devin (MOB)

Click here for wedding video

Devin – November 2017


THANK YOU so much!  Emily and I truly felt like the entire weekend, particularly Saturday, went by so perfectly and beyond our highest expectation.  And that had everything to do with you and your team.  I enjoyed speaking with and working with Robert while he was attached to me (and when the after-party was in his care), and while I did not interact with the other assistant who I believe was attached to Emily, I did get to meet her and she seemed very poised and collected when we dealt with the veil situation after the first look.  And if there were any other members of the team, I don’t believe I met them, but they obviously contributed to an excellent event, so kudos to your entire team!

And you were absolutely right, the crane on each plate was something that many people came up to us and said was a tremendous, even though little, touch to the visual of the tables.

We are also grateful that you were able to handle the non-RSVP extra heads situation so seamlessly and quickly that it was barely a blip on the radar!  We truly felt like we were in good hands and being taken care of throughout the entire day, so thank you so much for that.

In any case, if we don’t bug you with a follow-up question before, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

Take care,

Walter & Emily – November 2017

Hi Lisa, from the bottom of my heart and Robert’s and my wedding party, we just want to say thank you for making our day so beautiful. Everyone said how gorgeous our venue was and what a blast they had. So thank you!!!

Kim and Brian and my mom and my other brother James cannot stop talking about what A++ work you offer to create such a fun event!!!

Vanessa & Robert

Vanessa & Robert – October 2017

Dear Lisa, Bridgette, & The Events Department,

Thank you so much!

It was a pleasure to work with you for this wedding. Leading up to the event was a breeze and I always felt that on the day of, you had it handled. We greatly appreciate all of the hard work you did and it was a pleasure to spend this special day with you.

Thank you,

Ryan & Jay

Ryan & Jay – October 2017


Thank you so much for coordinating our wedding! You’ve been so pleasant and fun to work with, and you made the process feel so smooth and easy. We really appreciate your helping to make our day as memorable and stress free as possible!

Thanks again,

Chloe & Evan

Chloe & Evan – October 2017


Thank you so much for everything you did to make mine and Bejan’s wedding day so perfect. You were incredibly helpful and supportive from the day we booked the venue to the big day on September 23rd. The day would not have been the same if it weren’t you! Myself and so many other brides will be eternally grateful towards you 🙂

Thank you again,

Megan & Bejan

Megan & Bejan – September 2017


We can’t thank you enough for your help with our wedding. You helped us create a beautiful and memorable celebration. We couldn’t have done it without you. You and your team allowed us to relax and have a worry-free day, so we could focus on what was most important – each other! We are so lucky we found you and the O’Donnell House. Our wedding was everything we wanted!

Marissa & Casey


Thank you so much for helping us pull off such a fabulous wedding day, we couldn’t have done this without you! It was so much fun working with you throughout this process. I was constantly impressed by your attention to detail, and how on top of everything you were. The day was such a whirlwind, and not once did I have to worry about how anything was going. It was all smooth sailing, thanks to you. Hope you had fun, we had a magical time.


Tim & Renee

Tim & Renee

When I think back on my wedding a few weeks ago, I have no idea how I would have gotten through the last few months and most importantly, the day of my wedding, without Lisa at the Events Department. She took care of everything that I asked, even things that were probably  outside of her role. She is an absolute pro at what she does. She was loving and kind to me and strict with vendors which is a perfect mix. I will forever remember Lisa and her team for letting me relax on my wedding day and while letting me enjoy every moment.


I’m not sure how we would have survived without Laurie and her team of pros at The Events Department! She is incredibly knowledgeable on all Palm Springs vendors (best hair/makeup, tastiest desserts, cheapest rentals, etc.) and is really out to support you throughout the whole  wedding planning process. As for the big day… INCREDIBLE! My husband and I kept asking ourselves what the “one thing” that went wrong at our wedding was and if it was there, Laurie and her team fixed it immediately because we never saw it! It was miraculous to see everything that we had planned and envisioned for so many months really come to life and we could not have done it without Laurie–thank you so much!!!



Laurie & The Events Department,

Thank you so much for making our wedding day truly one for the books. From the first email I knew you would help make our day magical! AJ and I are so grateful for you guys and appreciate everything you did so that our wedding weekend went seamless! You are simply the best!

-AJ & Jana

AJ & Jana

Lisa- it’s finally here!

We are so grateful for YOU!

You have been so incredible throughout this entire process and have made this so fun and easy for us. We are forever indebted to you.


Jane & Jon


Jane & Jon

Hi Lisa –

I really cannot thank you enough for everything this weekend and the months leading up to it. The wedding was perfect and exactly what we wanted, and the night flowed SO smoothly and easily. We got compliment after compliment from the guests about the venue and how great the party was, and so much of that comes down to you and your team who facilitated everything so beautifully and just allowed us to have fun.

Thank you for being so easy to work with! I’m a little sad that it’s over now, but Dave and I had an amazing night that we will remember forever.
All the best,


Laura & Dave

Hello Peggy,

A belated thank you for the exceptional job you did during our family wedding. Claire and Jon were so thrilled with the entire weekend. Your attention to detail helped everything run smoothly and allowed us to enjoy the day knowing we were in good hands.

I am so grateful to you Peggy.

Many thanks,


To view wedding photos click here



Hi ladies!

Cassie and Laurie, it was so nice to finally meet you yesterday!! Lisa, again thank you for coordinating the most perfect evening I could have ever dreamed of! Everything was absolutely perfect! Here are a few of the pictures of the day from Katie Geiberger’s blog:
To view wedding photos click here

Wish I james and I could have a wedding every year at the O’Donnell house just so I could keep emailing you all!!

Big hugs and a million thank yous,




The wedding in the end was a great success. Chris slept about 17 hours when we got home. We have had nothing but compliments on how smooth things went and many have said it was the best wedding they have attended.

As someone who watched the process and was aware of the inner workings, I noticed whenever a potential glitch arose you were right there taking care of it. Please don’t be offended if I draw a comparison between you and an Australian Sheepdog moving the flock. But a well placed nip, a slight growl or even just a stern look seemed to keep everything moving in the right direction.

Thanks once again and mark up another success for The Events Department.


Dennis and Chris Miller

Dennis and Chris

Thank you so very much for all that you did to make Jill and Brian’s Wedding day a most special day for them. I’m sure we’ll never know all of the “behind the scenes”! The challenges on their day…the bridal bracelet, the quick but determined decision to test Mother Nature, not-so-ready seating chart…you were amazing!! Most of all, your caring, understanding, patiences and creativity are what make you so incredibly special and fun to work with! We also wish for you and your family many “aha” moments. Enjoy Westin – send photos ?

It goes by quickly!

Nancy and Tom

I hope you are having a great summer! ? I wanted to send you a long overdue THANK YOU for everything you did for the wedding! Brian, my parents and I just thought the whole day was perfect and couldn’t have gone any better… this certainly could not have been done without you.Thank you so much again for everything. It was so great working with you, and we hope to keep in touch!Hope little Westin is doing well and you’ve had plenty of time with the family in between events. :)Take care and talk to you soon


I am sorry that I did not speak to you before you left on Saturday night.  I just wanted to pass along Jan’s and mine (and Roger & Jennifer’s) deep gratitude in making the JR wedding the most spectacular event of their lives. We heard from them today and all they had to say was “Thanks for the best day ever.”  This was in no little part, due to your participation.  Please accept this as a token of our appreciation.

Gene & Jan

Thank you for all your help & the many months of planning you put into our wedding. Our day was just as we had imagined. It really meant a lot to us to have you there every step of the way. Your true professionalism gave us & our families a sense of calm throughout the entire weekend. We would also like to thank your assistants for all of their hard work as well. We truly enjoyed every moment & detail of our wedding. We hope you were able to enjoy the event as well. Hope we weren’t too much of a burden..

Ross & Brooke

Thank you for everything! Meeting you was the best thing to happen to our wedding! You are an amazing woman and we appreciate everything so much!

Katie & Kurt

Why hello there!!! Good Morning!!! or I should say almost afternoon!! You are probably busy with a wedding already but I wanted to send you an e-mail because I am taking to long to get my thank you cards out!!! surprise surprise!!!!Well really where do I start!! There are no words to express how thankful David and I are for your making our wedding so incredibly unforgettable! Everything was perfect! The wedding and reception were just gorgeous! Everyone that we talk to tell us that they had the best time at the wedding and that they had so much fun! My Uncle Harlan even went as far as saying that it was the best wedding that he had ever been at he had so much fun! I just point my finger to you and Carina!!!I could not have done this with out you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! David and I still try to make it down to the desert some Sundays so we should do lunch one Sunday when we are in town!!!Carrie JACKSON!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!! I’m a Jackson!


Hey Girlfriend,I cannot thank you enough for an absolutely perfect wedding day.  I enjoyed every minute of it, as well as the journey you and I shared putting it together.  It was everything I had hoped for, and more. I’ve had people tell me it was the best wedding they had ever been to.  And I heard that people at the high school reunion down below at the O’Donnell Golf Club that night wanted to come up and party with us when they heard our band.  So many people have asked me about New Sensations — they were fantastic! Jack and I keep talking about how everything  was amazing! You and your staff did a terrific job. You made it seem seamless, but I know you worked hard. You wowed us and the crowd! Thanks so much for making my fairy tale wedding come true!


Aloha from Maui. We would like to thank you and your staff for all your hard work. The wedding was perfect, better than we could have imagined. Considering how obsessive we can be with details, it was a pleasure to work with someone as compulsive. Please also thank everyone who was involved in aking our wedding such a special day. The minister was eloquent, the flowers beautiful, and the food was delicious. Please let Randy know the salmon was even better the third time. Please also thank Mr. Solomon for allowing us to use his estate for the day. The estate is truly the perfect venue for a wedding.

Bill and Candice

Thank you so much for being such a big part of making our wedding day a huge success! It was everything we hoped it would be and more! We truly enjoyed working with you and fabulous team!!

Many thanks to all of you. Wishing you and your family happy holidays!

Erica & James

Although I am literally buried alive, I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much you meant to ALL of us. Every member of my family told me how remarkable you are… I know I told you throughout the process, but I would like to say once again that you are a true professional and EXCELLENT at what you do. You came along and saved the day for me. I consider you a good friend as well. See you in December for a drink!


Now that the dust has settled and each day is just another boring day without a panic call from a nervous Bride-to-Be (hoping for a Mother-to-Be!!); I wanted to thank you and Lisa for a great job and outstanding service and recommendations. It’s no wonder the vendors we spoke with had such great things to say about you. It was a fantastic wedding weekend … and while I will never use your services for another wedding I will certainly recommend you with the highest regards. And if ever needed, feel confident to list me as a reference.


I just want to thank you again for all your behind the scenes efforts. Liz and Az had a great party.  We could not have done it without you.  I know I could have never dealt with the myriad of issues and retained my sanity. You and your staff are terrific!  As threatened last Saturday evening, when the heat of the summer slows things down a little let’s plan to have dinner.

Bill (Father of the Bride)

I know that you’ve already spoken to Bill, but I wanted to thank you as well for all your amazing help and expertise both in the planning and execution of Liz and Azil’s wedding. You are not only a dream to work with, you ROCK! I think if we hadn’t had you we would have been totally nuts and Liz would have been very uptight on her wedding day worrying about how everything was going to work. The change in location at the site would have been enough to unravel us.



Aww man… I’m already getting emotional just writing your name! We are back from the honeymoon and settling into “real life”, lol. We are still floating on clouds…

Our wedding was amazing. I kept walking around thinking “wow… it’s perfect”. The flowers were perfect, the lights, the dance floor, the stage, the band was amazing, the food also amazing, the staff, the linens…everything. We had so much FUN!

Even with Mike’s fainting spell which cut the rehearsal short..yikes!… the ceremony flowed smoothly. The reception was amazing, I can’t say enough about the staff at STR, sooo awesome! Lisa S. kept everyone on schedule and didn’t bother me with all the backstage drama (I heard there was a little) ha! The past year was so much fun for me. I am actually one of those brides who likes to plan a wedding. But I know that the key ingredient to making the process less stressful… was YOU! All of your ideas were the right ideas, and all of your advice was taken! You are an incredible party planner, and a lovely person. We enjoyed our time with you and I will miss our weekly emails!  I hope to keep in touch every now and then! Looking forward to the vow renewal….  ?

Mimi and Mike

I just got back online which is why you haven’t heard from me since I got to LV. You know, you are really excellent. You continue to amaze both of us. Your calm harmony and exceptional interpersonal skills, your network of universally admiring vendors and clients (very well deserved as far as we can tell), your professionalism, knowledge, experience, your incredible generosity, and finally your loving nature, are all so exceptional, Laurie. We are wondering what we did to deserve to have you on our team or to even know you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your impact has been essential. Thank you!!!!!


We just returned from our honeymoon to raining Northern California. I wanted to tell you that we couldn’t have had a better time in Palm Springs at Smoke Tree Ranch. Everyone is raving about it and you were a HUGE part of that!
I thought you enjoy seeing a few of the wedding photos. I can’t thank you enough for all the work you did to make our wedding the best day. We truly had an amazing time, as well as the rest of the guests.


We will never begin to ever thank you enough for all your help this past year! You truly were my saving grace in planning our wedding. It was the most special day of our lives, and we owe most of that to you! We wish you all the best in the new year!

Ali and Justin

I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help in the past 5 months. You have been great to work with. I appreciate your commitment to your clients and the timely manner in which you always responded to my many questions. I am so glad that we decided on The O’Donnell House. It truly was the best day ever….and the best weekend ever!


I will send you a proper thank you snail mail after this week of family but I wanted you to know how indispensable you proved to be. I was so happy to leave you to take care of the behind the scenes and last minute details and you did a SUPER job of it. I was not worried but Is see how minute last minute details there are! Finding a mike…finding Nancy and Taylor….getting things set up for the guests…greeting all the vendors….WOW You did it all and probably much more that I did not see! I felt safe knowing that you were there and keeping things moving. As far as I can tell, it went without a hitch and we have gotten RAVE reviews from our friends and family for everything from flowers to food to cupcakes to dancing! And I loved the ceremony with the harp and Reverend Jim. Also loved the fact that somehow…everything got back to my room! Thanks so much for all your efforts on behalf of our family and Nancy and Taylor. You did a fantastic job!

Mary (Mother of the Bride)

We are on our way to the airport but couldn’t leave without telling you thank you SO much. You are the absolute best and we appreciate you (and your staff) making out wedding perfect. It was an incredible time for us and we thank you! I will give you a call when we get back.


I have been trying to find the words to express how unbelievably grateful I am to you, but I simply can’t — there ARE NO WORDS to describe how amazing you are and how lucky I am to have worked with you!!!!! You are the best. You are just the best, ever… the best wedding planner and overall person in general. It was such an honor to get to work with you, and our wonderful and ridiculously perfect wedding was due 100% to you and your staff. I just really can’t get over it. I had no idea what that day was going to be like, and my memory of it will forever be one of happy surprise — surprise at how every single detail went perfectly, like magic, and how much fun it enabled me to have. Based on everything I’d heard about weddings, I thought we would have moments of true happiness and love sprinkled throughout a hectic and draining and crazy day. Um… no. The ENTIRE day was flawless. I spent the morning surrounded by my best friends as we got ready, cracking up and having a blast together, then proceeded to the wedding ceremony where everything was not just perfect but so much more than I ever expected, then onto the reception where everyone kept telling me they felt like they were “in a movie” (seriously, multiple guests made this comment), and finally the after-party which was also PERFECT and SO MUCH FUN! I mean, not only did nothing go wrong, but everything went AWESOME! Not just good, awesome. I want to star in a commercial for your company, basically. If you have clients who want to know what it’s like to work with you please have them call me. Like my mom said in her speech at the wedding, I honestly feel bad for any bride that doesn’t get to have you as their wedding planner. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!


I’m about to go into major offline honeymoon mode, but I just couldn’t disappear yet without dropping you a quick note to say thank you.

Brandon and I are still in a daze with the perfection that was our wedding and just smoke tree ranch in general. You are both amazing and I truly, truly thank you for everything you did to make our day so absolutely perfect.

We’ll keep in touch and I’ll be writing you much more heartfelt thank you’s when we are back in real life mode. Thank you thank you thank you.

Brandon and Beth

While we all bask in the wonderful memories of Lindsay’s wedding day, you are, I’m sure, in the midst of the next event! How do you do it, making us feel so special and working so hard for us…then doing the same for another after another after another client? Awesome! Your summer vacation is WELL DESERVED! The easiest thing I can say is THANK YOU!! From the get go you were always there for us, enthusiastically accepting so many of our ideas, gently guiding us away from others you knew weren’t right. You were extremely responsive to our questions/concerns, a good link with some of the communication issues we had with Smoke Tree, ALWAYS THERE!! When I handed over to you all of our wedding day items Thursday, I became so relaxed, knowing that it was all in your expert hands. It certainly made Lindsay’s and my weekend so much more enjoyable. Besides the pre-April 21st aspects that you and your staff worked so hard on, on Saturday you and Lisa were just incredible! I know that there were minor glitches that occurred…but you two remained cool (attitude-wise!) and collected. The biggest issue, of course, was THE HEAT! Add to that…rearranging the chairs to fit the number of sunglasses…the need to get pictures DONE before all parties wilted…a nervous Pete’s mini-fit re. just when he would give his speech…I’m sure there were a few more I don’t even know about. (Thank you!) And it was only during that last few hours before the ceremony that I realized that Smoke Tree, especially in the HEAT, can be a challenge for you, with all of the different venues and the distances between them, as well as the walkie-talkie issues the location has. You…and Lisa…were AMAZING! Kudos also to the vendors whom you recommended. Mary Cass…just a doll! She was so enthusiastic with Lindsay’s vision and carried it out perfectly. My friends are all talking about the glorious job she did with the flowers…and also that, for example, the fantastic centerpieces were only $50 each! Chris Paul…everyone LOVED him. They commented that his accent gave him all the more class. My two nieces thought the baby sitters were not only reasonable, but wonderful. They plan on writing the service and expressing their pleasure over the two ladies they hired. Classic Rentals always does a good job… the Descanso tables were great…and, yes, our choice of dance floor may have been a bit too small. Chris Paul’s fault!!! Am I missing anyone? If so, I am sorry! Smoke Tee itself did such a terrific job…way above and beyond my expectations. Errick was our main man, always there, never saying no to our wishes. And the staff made us all feel so at home, too. I am so happy that, first of all, so many of our guests stayed at the Ranch. I only wish that those who just came in for the wedding itself could have known the fun and warm hospitality that Smoke Tree Ranch so easily offers. They missed a good time! Laurie– I know why you are such a highly recommended event planner here in the Valley. Feel free to use me as a reference. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a PLEASURE!!


As you can see from the emails that I have copied you on, I have taken a few moments to thank people who played a role in making Devin and Tim’s wedding pretty darn perfect. Although I am emailing you last, you are the main reason why we feel their wedding was everything we could have imagined. Thank you Laurie! You helped us settle on the best possible venue; you coordinated countless details for us; you gently pushed us to get things done; and, you worked with us through a crisis that threatened to derail the entire wedding. You did all of this with style and grace. We could not have asked for a more professional event planner. Your patience, expertise, availability and warmth meant a great deal to us. You were the perfect consultant, mentor, crisis manager and friend. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You were wonderful to work with and we credit you with making our daughter’s wedding an memory that we will forever treasure.


Thank you so much for all the attention and effort that went into our wedding celebration. It was wonderful in great part thanks to you both. Laurie, our countless emails and conversations were invaluable to pulling it all off without a hitch and Lisa, your Day of Powerhouse energy and skills, knowledge and effort, really shined! You are lovely and everyone loved working with you.

Thanks again—will never forget our day.

Rebecca and Lisa

I am just so very grateful for all of your help with our wedding. (And Marko is too!!!).  As you remember, I was a little hesitant about using the Events Department’s full services.  And now I just look back and laugh.  I can’t imagine our wedding without you or your fabulous team.  From the small details to your ability to say yes to my last minute requests, I felt like no matter what you were going to make sure that Marko and I had the wedding we envisioned from the beginning.

I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from ALL our guests to how great the venue looked to how smoothly the entire night went.  And it truly did!  Marko and I look at our pictures with such tremendous fondness (and there’s not a single picture with a worried look on my face).  I was able to really enjoy the day and “be present” during the ceremony and reception because of all you had covered.

I wish you so much success ahead.  I will recommend you to ANY couple even considering hiring a wedding coordinator.

I will forever remember our wedding as one of my best days.  And I know that you were instrumental in making that happen.


We are approaching our one-year anniversary (7 days!) and I just wanted to say thank you, AGAIN, for making the wedding of my dreams (and maybe my mom’s, too ?) come true. I was not the fairytale-wedding-dreamer type, but you somehow managed to take my hazy vision of the event and truly make something magical for Christian, me, and our families. I cannot thank you enough for your ability to flex-and-flow with our changing plans and for your boundless optimism. I felt completely at ease with you and your team at the helm!!

We plan to visit Smoke Tree Ranch over this Thanksgiving holiday and hope to make it a yearly routine. Maybe one day we’ll have a ‘wedding reunion’ with all of our friends and family! I watched our highlights video again today and it made me think of you…I hope you and your family are having a wonderful fall and start of winter. And that you are not too busy ?

No need to write back- I just wanted you to know that I am grateful!


The Hall and Pereira families want to thank all of you so much for helping us put on as many of our friends said “the wedding of the century”! Everything was wonderful and beautifully executed. We are still having people calling and telling us that this was the best wedding ever. The food was delicious, service was outstanding, the most beautiful of venues and so many personal touches. Although we were sorry that Laurie was unable to be with us on the wedding day,  we couldn’t have been more fortunate than to have Lisa take over. Lisa really earned her pay, she and Chris worked so hard especially cleaning up at the end of the very long day.  Lisa was just great to work with, keeping her cool and her sense of humor throughout the day.  Everything went smoothly or at least all the guests thought so and they never knew we were “sweating” it at times!!!   Thanks again for making Shannon and Raphael’s wedding day a dream come true.


Michael and I wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for an amazing weekend.

You and your assistant Lisa made our day phenomenal but most of all, stress free! If you have a boss, please give us his name and number or email because you two definitely need a raise!!! Haha. We just couldn’t hold back any praises for you so we had to email you. Have a great rest of the week!!

Mr. And Mrs. Kintzle

I just wanted to thank you again for the most amazing wedding in the history of weddings – I was absolutely blown away and could not have been happier with how everything went. You are a miracle worker! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


We just got back from our honeymoon this week. I wanted to thank you again for helping to make our wedding day so perfect – I wouldn’t have changed a single thing and I thought it all went perfectly. Thank you so much for your help and hard work!!Thanks again!


Thank you for coordinating the day of Rachel and Ryan Foltz’s beautiful wedding at the Sherwood Country Club, May 18, 2013.  Your promptness, attention to detail, ability to move things along, and staying power through wrap-up were very much appreciated.

Grace under pressure and a willingness to pleasantly and cooperatively flow with changes as décor and timing are tweaked before and on the day of the wedding are traits needed in an event coordinator.  Good listening skills and careful records of the families’ timeline wishes make the planning process smooth.  Understanding and accommodating the amalgamated styles of the family, even when at variance with the coordinator’s personal style, requires delicacy and good humor.  It’s not an easy assignment.

We thank you for balancing all these demands, Peggy.  It was such a relief for us to hear that you told the groom’s parents about ten minutes after the guests left from the wedding, “Go home.  I’ve got this handled.”  I don’t know how long it took you to get everything out the door, but it was speedy.  You put in a very long day with your able assistant.

Your dedication to doing your job with excellence is very commendable.

Kapaka and George (MOB and FOB)

Oh my goodness, can I just say how amazing you all are over there?  The day was amazing and we will never stop raving about you guys to everyone we know who wants to get married in Palm Springs.  It was just magic and your team made the day run so smoothly…everyone kept telling me that they didn’t think weddings were supposed to feel so easy like ours did.  I know you all work so hard and we can’t thank you enough.


Wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU on behalf of my entire family for executing a dream wedding! It was a huge success due in large part to you, your poise and professionalism. Thank you for everything!!


I am telling everyone that no matter what you charge you are worth every penny and moreI will continue my praises and just say to give you a call.Thank you so much for making Gaby and Ricks day a truly pleasurable memory for all of us.The baby will be a little boy! Can’t wait!


Thank you for your help with the lighting at my wedding at the Cree Estate on May 21, 2013. I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but your work was impecable. The lighting was more than i expected and made such a beautiful impact. Like the topper of a cake!

Amber and Erick

I’m back in my heels at work…reality hit and it all seems like a dream.

Wedding guests have been so complimentary and the bride and groom seemed to have more than enjoyed their day at the O House.  Megan cried all the way to Maui.

I tried to inhale every second there and truly loved it…including the palm trees.  The candles were also a terrific touch and chimes in the city must have started at 5:30.  Timing was perfect.  The overall affect with that view and the setting was indeed magical. As to the ceremony, maybe I told you this, but when I asked Mike how he would like me to address him in the proper way  – he said “either your holiness or Mike”…what a great guy!  And, that might be my only regret…not recording his message.  Incredible!  The very best service ever of any kind. The staff and hospitality and food were outstanding…when I was talking in the dining room holding my dessert that was listing on my plate, one of the servers offered to take it to my table…that doesn’t happen at home.  And, the DJ did a really nice job with music and announcements.  And, flowers?  WoW!!!  Absolutely amazing!  I will follow-up with Mary, for sure. I really can’t thank you enough for just the best time of our lives.  It was simply wonderful and I so enjoyed working with you.


Thank you for being there to share, and be such an integral part of our special day and family. Peggy and I enjoyed our wedding day more than we could have ever imagined and your presence only added to the color and joy of the festivities.

Thank you for being there for us both and for your love and support.

James, Peggy and Grace

Thank you so much for the amazing work you did for our wedding. I appeciate all the time you took to hlep us organize, and then make sure eerything went smoothly. Your help with my family drama was amazing and you made it all worth it. I know my family was happy to have you. I will recoommend you to anyone i ever hear getting married in Palm Springs.

Thanks to your team! ?

Kasey and Pavi

We can’t thank you enough for all the time, effort and heart you have put in to making our wedding beautiful! You were so helpful and endcourageing, making a very busy time feel less stressfuol. It was a please working with you, thank you again!

Tracy and Cathy

We just wanted to take a moment to express our deep appreciation for all your help with the wedding. We had the time of our lives, and you helped everything run smoothly. We truly owe could’t have done it without out!

Jen and Johari

Just wanted to thank you and Chris for helping us coordinate a BEAUTIFUL wedding for Kat and Nicholas.
I felt guilty at first hiring someone to help me because none of my friends used wedding planners.
HOWEVER…… Having lived through it now, and knowing what can go wrong, I wouldn’t dream of doing a wedding with out one ?
You guys in particular! Chris was terrific! So calm and cool and so together…… He orchestrated the evening beautifully and we received all the credit!It was magical…..Thank you for the excellent service ~We had the photographer take some photos that I’ll send over and we’ll be in touch soon.


Thank you, thank you again for everything. You and Laurie were nothing short of amazing and I really appreciate all of the time and effort you guys put in to making our wedding wonderful. I wanted to ask our photographer first, but she got some amazing shots of the house– if she gives it the okay (and you want them) you’re free to use them for promotional whatever. I’m also happy to write a rave review for the venue, you guys…really any way I can be helpful to you guys now or in the future, please just let me know. .I hope you had a really nice Thanksgiving!


OMG – when do we begin !?! Thank you so much for being so patient w/ us and making everything happen for our big day. You were so great from the beginning and we were so lucky to have you. Best of luck and I hope you had a great holiday and an even better New Year!

Dave and Julia

We cannot thank you enough for helping us have our absolute perfect wedding day!

All your work and efforts and all the back and forth is SO appreciated. We feel so grateful to have met you. Every vendor you connected us with surpassed our expectations. Thank you, Thank you!

Wishing you the all the best in 2014.

Sean and Megan

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! We had the best wedding and we have you to thank for it! Thank you for keeping everything smooth and for all of your assistance. Even though there was a hiccup or two, it all appeared to go off without a hitch! Every vendor I talked with during the planning process spoke your and The Events Department’s praises. And they couldn’t be more right! If there is anywhere I could leave a review, I would love to do so! We would like to send you a little something to show our appreciation! Do you have a preferred mailing address we can use?I attached some photos but will also be sending you more if you would like to use them for anything! Thanks again Lisa! It was a fun process with you!!!

Katie and Justin

A week ago today we were anxiously anticipating the joy of Tasha and Sammy’s wedding. We had high expectations and with your help, they were exceeded. You were with us every step of the way from the moment we selected you as our wedding planner until the last box was packed into our cars at the end of the wedding. This was the first wedding that we planned and there were a lot of things that we did not know, with your help every step was seamless and without stress…well except for the endless spreadsheets…All of the vendors you recommended were outstanding, professional and worked as a team with you.Tasha and Sammy’s wedding was the best day of all of our lives. You were a major part of our joy and we will be forever grateful.We stand ready to provide a reference for you at anytime. In addition, please feel free to share these comments with your clients or on your website.


I cannot express enough to you or Lisa how happy Nicole and I are with the decision to hire your company! I don’t think we could have pulled off even a fraction of what we had planned without Lisa’s help, both the day before and day of. Scott was right Lisa is truly a super star!

One a side note I would love to tell you that Lisa just amazed both of my parents. Not only did she make them feel very special that day but she found my mothers Diamond bracelet that fell off of her wrist. She found it before my mom even knew it was missing. All night all they could do was sing her praises and talk about how wonderful she was. Both Nicole and I couldn’t agree more!

I would also like to thank you for your help leading up to the event. The photo booth was a huge success and everyone at the party loved it. We cant wait to see the pictures.

Lastly, if there is a place online that we can leave a review for how wonderful your company is, please let us know.